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Common classification of transformer
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Commonly used classification of transformer transformer can be summarized as follows: (1) according to the number of points relative to: (1) single-phase transformers: used for single-phase loads and three-phase transformer however. (2) three-phase transformer: for three-phase system of upward and downward voltage power transformers.

(2) by cooling points: (1) dry-type transformers: to rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting, electronic circuits and other small-capacity transformers. (2) oil-immersed transformers: to rely on oil as the cooling medium, such as oil from the cold, oil cooling, oil cooling, forced oil circulation.

(3) by end-use parts: (1) Power transformers: power transmission and distribution system for upward and downward voltage. (2) Instrument Transformers: such as voltage transformers, current transformers, meters and protection devices for measuring. (3) Test the transformer: to produce high voltage, Electrical Power Transformer for high voltage test equipment. (4) Special Transformers: such as furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, transformers and other adjustments.

(4) divided by winding in the form: (1) two-winding transformer: power system used to connect the two voltage levels. (2) three-winding transformer: generally used for substation in power system area, connecting three voltage levels. (3) auto electrical changes: used to connect different voltage power systems. Can also be used as step up or down after a normal transformer.

(5) divided by core in the form: (1) core-type transformers: used for high-voltage power transformers. (2) amorphous alloy transformer: amorphous alloy core Electrical Transformer is guided by a new magnetic materials, power transformers, load current decreased by about 80%, is the ideal energy saving distribution transformers, especially for the development of the rural power grid and China and ot
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