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Dry-type transformers and the difference between oil-immersed transformers
2011-02-16 by seoer1

Dry-type High Power Transformers for air cooling or forced air from the cold, the heat way airway cooling. With the characteristics of a safe, flame retardant, fire, pollution, can be directly installed in the load center. Maintenance-free, easy installation, integrated low running costs. Moisture resistant, and can be 100% humidity in normal operation, without pre-drying after the outage can be put into operation.
      Oil-immersed transformer cooling method for cooling oil, by oil cooling channel, so each must be included with High Power Transformer tank. It is characterized by good heat dissipation. However, compared with dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers flammable, fire, need regular maintenance, the environment will cause some pollution. Therefore, in high-density population areas, oil-immersed transformers have been rarely used.
      For customers, if you only consider cost, you can consider using oil-immersed transformers, but if from the safe operation and maintenance costs and environmental protection point of view, it is recommended that customers use dry-type Transformer.

Shell Oil have not see line package, a heat sink, oil pillow, breathers, oil drain valve at the bottom.
The only case of dry or junction box, open the door. Or you can see the body of the lid and line package

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